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Our offer "Wi-Fi on Board"®

Because the transport of tomorrow must be turned to digital, free WiFi onboard is a major asset which increases the satisfaction of your users by promoting your services. The "WIFI On Board" QOS Telecom® offer has already attracted many carriers who trust us. "WIFI On Board"® is available for buses, coaches, trams and Trains but also for Taxis and VTC.

Benefits for travellers

  • Satisfaction by the addition of new services (there is a need and a growing expectation for all, a fortiori in situation of mobility and connectivity everywhere)
  • Provide internet access through their own terminal (Smartphone, tablet or PC laptop)
  • Financial economics on their package data mobile 3G / 4G (these are more unlimited and uses of types Streaming video (YouTube), social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), gourmands in amount of data grow exponentially)
  • Possibility for users of shelves without SIM card of stay connected through WiFi
  • Benefit from better throughput in WiFi and 3G / 4G (the solution implements the antennas on the roof of vehicles that can get rid of the attenuation of the signal 3G radio / 4G inside vehicles)
  • For foreign visitors in France on-board WIFI allows them not to use their 3 G - 4 G package 'in roaming.

Benefits for the organising authority and/or operator

  • Bring new innovative services
  • Be able to use WiFi as a new media for communication operations support (possibility to inject content while users browsing)
  • Share the WiFi infrastructure deployed with business applications (video, SIV, etc...)
  • Using the WiFi terminals as sensor, to have data 'analytics' to complete lines attendance information.

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