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The European Union is launching a new aid programme, called WiFi4EU, aiming to promote equipment in free Wi-Fi terminals in public places in the heart of landlocked areas. The procedure for allocating WiFi4EU aid is innovative because of its simplicity, it only requires to register on a web platform provided for this purpose. The aid is then paid directly to the Wi-Fi operator that the community has chosen. As a privileged partner of the communities, QOS Telecom is of course mobilized to accompany you in the implementation of WiFi4EU if you plan to benefit.

What for?

Adopted by the European Parliament in September 2017, WiFi4EU is a new aid programme, with a budget of 120 million euros between now and 2019 aimed at favroriser the setting up of Free Wifi access terminals installed in rural and landlocked areas Countries of the European Union (EU). This programme should allow services and public spaces that do not have it yet, to equip themselves with a free, open, secure and quality WiFi.

For Who?

This aid is open to municipalities, communities of municipalities, communities of agglomerations, urban communities, intercommunal unions, joint unions, territorial public institutions, metropolitan areas/centres, poles of equilibrium Territorial and rural communities overseas. The European Union estimated between 6 and 8000 the number of local communities affected by this aid. Of course, the distribution of this aid is carried out "In the Respect for a geographical balance between all the EU countries ». This means that WiFi4EU only affects a hundred projects in France. Among the rare conditions of this aid, there is the obligation that these WiFi terminals do Not «Duplication with existing free private or public offers With similar characteristics '.

QOS Telecom is committed to your side

QOS Telecom, a WiFi operator for communities with first-plan references, proposes to accompany you throughout the WiFi4EU process:

  • Free study and support
  • Technical and financial sizing (valuation of investment and operating costs)
  • We put at your disposal our know-how and our many feedback of experience
  • We offer you an offer specially designed for WiFi4EU
  • Support for the deficiency statement
  • Secure WiFi Infrastructure deployed
  • Legal compliance (traceability of connections)
  • Personal Data Protection
  • Turnkey offer, 100% managed (minimum for 3 years imposed by WiFi4EU)
  • Intelligent Territory Service Platform

Scheme for the allocation of WiFi4EU aid coupons (source EU)


The aid application procedure set up by the European Union is intended to be Simple and non-bureaucratic. All the steps are done online at the following address: Link to the WiFi4EU Page.

The EU finances the costs of equipment and installation, through a Voucher directly given to the technical service provider That equips the community with Wifi terminals and manages the network. A list of authorised suppliers has also been adopted by the EU.

The allocation of funds is based on the principle of First come, first served », avec un premier appel à projets à la mi-mars 2018.

To the extent that this is a simplified aid procedure, the level of mobile coverage in the place concerned is not a priority criterion for European aid eligibility.

Similarly, communities that register on the WiFi4EU platform do not have to take advantage of WiFi4EU to join a project or technical dossier on the Wi-Fi network to be deployed. However, the community receiving the aid is committed to Maintain the subsidized network at least three years.

WiFi4EU Presentation Clip 

How many?

Via the principle of coupons directly addressed to the Wi-Fi provider, the EU supports 100% of the Wifi equipment in question in the Limit of 15 000 euros.

The main consideration for this financial assistance is that the network name is standardized to the colours of WiFi4EU.

Likewise, it is not possible to use the personal data of the connected users or to make a commercial valuation of this network.


Five waves of applications are planned over the next two years. The first wave begins in mid-March 2018. The waves of applications remain open for 6-8 weeks, In order to leave the municipalities enough time to register.

A municipality not selected during the first wave of applications will always be able to present themselves to the next.


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